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A short horror game I made with UE4.

you play as a detective, searching for a killer

P - will pause the game {I forgot to set  that to esc}

Would be awesome if you could check it out. Thank you

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E-mail : dj@surreal-efx.com

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This is why mannequins are not to be trusted!


It's a great game, as indicated after my hellish slaughter in this video:


this was a fun game i just didn't understand the ending


This game is filled with some creepy imagery, a little slow pace but overall great play. Wish the gun play was a bit more satisfying but great game considering it was done so long ago.


I was so freaked out I almost didn't finish the game! Their heads when they follow you was a nice creepy factor.


A unique game where there are mannequins everywhere that seem to act out the past and also "help " the player  along to "solve" the case , with an unexpected ending.

 The atmosphere is creepy and gloomy with a sense of something much darker being present, the aesthetics of the game compliment the atmosphere with it being set in an abandoned/ broken down hospital which immerses you further into the game.

The only negatives were there was way too much ammo lying around for the amount of enemies present and this one is only minor but it would of been nice for the detective to react or have some narrative to things happening around them within the hospital.

Overall though a great short experience that was fun to play, it is different to see a detective, macabre styled horror game and it was done quite nicely.


i like this game very much


this game is interesting.


SKIP TO 28:21!!!


Hey SurrealFx! Kudos for the game, even though it's been out for a while. The contrast between the mannequins here to convey the story and the actual enemies was small but enough to create a constant sense of dread! Also liked the "joker-like" note from -A.

i love it mate

check my simple game too please https://bigboyaarush.itch.io/ball-roller

i would really appreciate :)

I probably got on the band wagon for this game too late. BUT, I have to say; it truly is a very captivating game. (Video below if anyone's interested.)

Something about the environment and the mannequins was really, really alluring and made the player want to play more. The dark tone, creepy background music, the creepy looking mannequins go really well together like a puzzle piece and makes the game wholly great and a fun experience. 

The mannequins were honestly very scary, especially the scene that you played out in the room with the table. Was very sinister and sent out very creepy vibes. Loved how it changed when you got back to it. Even the part when you view it from the security camera and the mannequins are moving around, really creepy as well. 

The puzzle was also good; where you need to flash your torch onto the stone to get the key. Though that has a lot of potential, where you could have put messages around the map and those would be little Easter eggs for the player. 

And if I wasn't cared of mannequins, I definitely am now. Was a blast to play and go through the game. Cannot wait for more and good luck for future projects!


Muy buen juego


Nice game! Left wanting more! 


A pretty well made game. A few bugs (for me at least) but overall I enjoyed it very much.


This was so creepy! I got stuck at one point, where the lights wouldn't turn off and trigger the events, but I eventually got it


M IS FOR MURDER HAS MADE INTO THE 4TH EITION OF GAMES OF TERROR! also i remember playing on my old channel and it's still good! 


Very good game. the title reminds me of book that i once read, called dial m for murder (something like that). Like I said game is good. but in my opinion it would be better if at the end, we would get attacked by actual killer instead of mannequins. just my opinion. keep up good work

btw, if you are interested, here is my video:


Really enjoyed this game. Amazing atmosphere, and it was actually scary. The music didn't really fit in but besides that this was a great game.

Great game! the setting and the atmosphere is good, but the background music doesn't fit in, and I don't know if I'm the only one having this problem, i been having fps drop at the dead body with all the mannequins around with the torch on. anyways it a good game either way.

I'm curious of why the sudden surge of interest for this game? You definitely can't go wrong with the implementation of mannequins, especially the way they look in MifM! I doubt there's gonna be an update, but it was a fun experience. Make some more games, Dev!

Great work!

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A very simple horror game that has a lot of potential, I enjoyed every minute of it! Game footage starts at 12:19.

Hello, I'm GoRilla 

I'm french youtuber...

This game is cool, i liked it. :)

whats up with these mannequins, the all got Ultra Instinct since they be dodging bullets. it was a good game but the background music doesnt fit with the game. overall yall did great!

Amazing game from start to finish! I normally hate how background music is done in indie horror games but you were spot on but setting a good atmosphere without the music being too much.

Only 2 complaints. When you are reloading your gun if you right click to zoom in too soon you will go into the perspective of the gun and it can really disorientate you. The prompt for activating the console in the security room is kind of in an odd place being almost under the console instead of on top of it and makes it easy to miss. 


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Short and sweet but yeah overall it was a very enjoyable game! Would love to see more! Bang bang!

Those mannequins were one of the creepiest things I've seen in a while... unsure if the game bugged it on my though as it wouldn't let me finish it 馃槶 showed promise though! 

I played this game on the latest episode of my 'Quick Scares' series on my YouTube channel. Check it out! 馃槃馃憞

This game is absolutely terrifying. I personally sincerely hate every single mannequin on this planet, but these ones are honestly the worst I've encountered so far. Their appearance already scared the bujesus out of me, but once I noticed some of them were autonomous... I disliked them even more.  Great job on this game! It really really really did it's job on scaring the player haha! Thank you for creating this spot on representation of what my worst nightmare looks like! Well done!

Deleted 2 years ago

I liked it. Was creepy and i had some fun playing this game. 

Now I understand the fear of mannequins a bit more. Had some slight audio issues where it was behind the video. But other than that, really good stuff. 馃槉

Another creepy mannequin game. Love it.

This was pretty good! I encountered a couple of errors due to not triggering each event in three proper sequence which forced me to restart the game a couple of times, but other than that, this was a great horror experience! 

Pretty nice game. Some awesome scares too.

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Nice quick little demo!

I don't what happened to the stabbed mannequin but it wasn't me. I only shot everyone else. Your game is the first part of the video.

This game was goooood, thanks for sharing your creation. Wish it was longer though!! 

Here's my gameplay & thanks in advance for the support on my channel! :D

This game was simply amazing really good job 

I HATE mannequins so this hurt me. Great game, I didn't finish.

Really cool little game! I enjoyed it

Nice job!

Really great atmospher, unique experience.

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