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M is for Murder

this game was so freaky!! but at the same time amazing!! the mannequins in this game are probably the freakiest i have come across yet!! really awesome job on creating this!! :D

I really love this game, it's hard to keep a game scary when you allow the player weapons. It's executed really well however, I really enjoyed it... I will be looking out for the full game, especially after seeing characters in the trailer 

Fun and creepy experience! Also thanks for the code on the wall <3

Oh my gosh! There's been a MERDER!

I am looking forward to the full game.


A MASSIVE thanks to everyone who has played the game, made youtube videos and posted comments...I am overwhelmed and super grateful for every single one..THANK YOU. I am trying to watch and comment on everyones videos, its just taking a while.

And TGIC is for This Game Is Cool

Loved it, the mannequins are genuinely creepy, and the overall design was well made. Love the code on the wall too. Thanks for releasing this demo, looking forward to the full game.

Gave it a go...

Mannequins are one of the few things I fear most in horror games! If only I had some way to defend myself!

Nice game

I think we can all agree that Mannequins creatures are scary for all players. 2 Thumbs up. 

Made a video

Honte à vous mannequins de l'horreur! Ou honte à moi? La fin nous laisse avec plein de questions et j'ai hate d'y répondre! J'ai bien aimé ce jeu et le sentiment qu'on peut se faire attaquer a tout moment... :D

Smooth, that's how this game plays, like swimming in a velvet smoothie.

The horror wasnt wasted on me either, from the twisted heads that follow your every move to the quick flashes of people running over the CCTV system you had me tensed and sweaty for my entire play through.

I really enjoyed the extra "item" you get at the table it provided a sense of security without making me any less scared.

Nice job.

That's great game! I Really Played Fun!
재밌게 플레이 했어요 :)

M is for Murder is like a couple other horror games, I've played that have involved scary mannequins but , this short horror game delvers a more thriller aspect than those games and, keeps you on your toes the whole way through.

Hi there, though the demo is only around 10 minutes long I did enjoy my time with it. 

I'll start off by saying that the game looks great and runs very well, I had zero graphical or performance issues while playing. The atmosphere of the game is somewhat tense, and while the mannequins can at times be very creepy, there were only a few moments where I found myself actually scared. Story wise I believe you have a solid foundation here, there's plenty of room left to expand upon things and really drive home the "murder mystery" type story going on here. 

I encountered a few minor bugs, one being with an enemies head poking through a door, allowing me to shoot it easily, and two being with the security room where you have to deactivate the power (I'm assuming that's what you're doing), the prompt to interact with the system wouldn't appear unless I stood in a very specific position.

All in all I think this a solid demo, and hopefully a decent taste of what's to come. 

I hope you don't mind but I made a short let's play of my time with the game.

Cheers and best wishes,



First, Thank you for playing. Secondly, thank you for such an informative comment they really help out plenty. I am glad you enjoyed the demo, it gives me an immense amount of motivation to complete the full game. Cheers


Cool! u can pick music from here

M is for M-World.

Loved the creepiness of this game! The android/mannequin things were so terrifying. 10/10 would scream like a child again. 

HUNTING THE THE ALPHABET KILLER! | M is for Murder Full Gameplay Walkthrough

This game was so tense, I was on the edge of my seat. Would like to see what they you do next 

I really enjoyed this! Looking forward to the full release!!

This game is off to a great start, lots of atmosphere and tension. See me playing it @5:34 

I played your game. 

A very interesting horror game. We enjoyed it very much.

We can't wait for the full game.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work!!!

Exceptionally done short horror game that was able to build tension and suspense in a relatively short amount of time. The creep factor with the mannequins was through the roof, I kept expecting one to lunge at me at any given second. Game starts at 09:30.

Great graphics! Enjoyed the game.

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here is my gameplay video for the game (Arabic) 

nice and creepy. Graphics and sound are great. Good job!

The graphics in this game are pretty good! It's creepy too. It could use some tweaks here and there, but overall it's a nice little horror game!

If you wanna check out gameplay footage before downloading it, you can so here:

Really cool game. Nice graphics and subtle scares. It's short but good. 

great game i really enjoyed playing this also it gave me a bit of a jumpscare with one of the mannequins hahhaha anyway hope you enjoy the gameplay  i had a blast playing it 

Thanks for giving it a try....glad you enjoyed playing.

Interesting demo and played really well. If it's only mannequins then can't see where else you could take the story and had a good ending. Atmosphere was done really well and the sound effects just added to it. A really nicely thought out idea with a cool game  to go with it. Well done... :)


Thank you, regarding the story...this is a prequel to "the actual" story where you play as a backup officer looking for the missing detective(the officer in the demo)...again thanks for giving it a try.

This developer is going places

Many thanks. Im glad you enjoyed it.

Wow, that was really well done! Can't wait to see what you make next!

This Demo Was Great. I Really Hope You Take This Game Somewhere Man 

Thank you. I am planning on doing a full game in time. Thanks fotlr the play through

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