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This game is really amazing, i just find the mannequins kinda funny and creepy at the same time,. Thanks to the devs of the game for the easy passcode on the wall haha and for creating this awesome game!

Hi,love this game.  This is my gameplay in Spanish.

I hope you enjoy it and share it so that more Spanish people can see it.

This is really creepy but it is not really scary. Also  I found the glitch that so funny. BTW really enjoy this game that I can shoot mannequins in the head.

Extremely creepy, very effective! Thumbs up (give my elaborate opinion at the end of the video).


I love FPS horror games and this one was pretty good. The gun is great if you get headshots and i like the old school look to the game! 

Here is my video:

It was good. It starts at 12:20

It was kind of okay. 
It's a little trashy.
The graphics were kind of meh and the soundtrack sounds like it's from a mobile horror game. Though the mannequins looks cool also I like that they follow you with their head wherever you go.
Thank you for this experience!
4/10! :D

Cool game!

Super creepy game. Hopefully there is more to come because I would like to see more of the storyline. I did a playthrough of this game and I will link it below if you are interested.

A great opportunity for storytelling and character development.

When I came across this game, and saw how mysterious the page looked, I had to give it a shot. The combination of jump scares with great use of suspense and disorientation make this game incredibly clever.
Great use of the UE4 assets, and great art direction.

Thank you for making this demo. I can't wait to see more.

M is definitely for Mannequins now, my friends.

I typically shy away from games that feature mannequins, but I like this one. I'm curious to know more about "The Alphabet Killer"  and the backstory. Are you still planning on a full-length game?

Classic, just a fun straightforward game, it's great!

Jenny got spooked

Awesome demo.. I hate mannequins, And this game gave me a healthy dose of heart attack in a cup.. Hope to see more like it in the future, Gave me goosebumps throughout the playthrough! 

The game was clever!  I liked the story of what this game's about to.  The game was short but definitely had some scary moments in it to :) 

 the mannequins are so scary XD omg

Glad I found this one. Awesome game! 

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Felt invigorating mowing down those baddies, but I felt like the story never really got explained. Visuals were nice, but some puzzles felt hard to understand.

Really enjoyed playing this, Can't wait to see more from you! 

Just made a video of this game as the 3rd and final game in my 3 Random Games series. 


I didn't think that this game will be spooky and funny at the same time x) Good game!

So this game was pretty nice looking! It hit the PC pretty hard, but it was pretty. The mannequins were terrifying, as they always are. I'm not usually a fan of horror games where you get a firearm, but this one wasn't too bad. The whole game felt like an investigation and that really inspired the player to get more immersed in the experience. Short and sweet! Thanks for making this!

Son of a ...

mf why is this Loss meme?

I think it could have been scarier to be honest. I did enjoy the concept however. I would actually like to see a more detailed game with more intense jump scares. I think you have a cool idea here. I would like maybe a more driven story line with more chasing of the murder, more detective stuff. I know this is just a short little horror game but I would love to see what you could do with an more elaborate version of the game. Overall it was a good job!

You've struck a cord with the mannequins for me. I repeat it several times, but mannequins will always creep me out after playing condemned criminal origins and that mall scene finding the killer. I don't know if there is where you got your inspiration from but it definitely felt like it and thats awesome. We need more murder mystery thriller games. Despite being armed I wasn't scared, that said maybe having to make the shots count is what would add greater difficulty and more fear, like the enemies can only die if you shoot it in the head otherwise it will keep coming for you or find a way to reattach its body. But throwing somethings out there, either way, really enjoyed this one, hope we can see more from you.

The first horror game I've played in a while, and it had my jumping like crazy!! I loved the ambiance, had me anticipating a jump scare the entire time! I was lost for a bit though, unsure what to do. I figured it out in the end, but some clearer instructions would've been helpful! Definitely one of my favorite indie horror games in a long time!!

Thank you for playing and even more for the constructive feedback. I really appreciate it. 

Geez. I like how you made use of the Mona Lisa Effect on the Mannequins. Definitely one of the more spookier games.

the game's laggy, FiX iT

care to elaborate?

i fired up the game, clicked on 'PLAY', waited for the loading screen and the game laggy, and the controls are all over the place

im guessing its not working becuz i have to change the settings??

why is the first youtuber on this list saying the f word so many times I told my brother I'm so angry becuse he said Iike one million time's

Deleted 2 years ago

I truly hate mannequins, even ones that walk or even run at you to actually kill you. I didn't realize there was shooting....let's say I got very spooped.

This is a short horror game or, so the developer says. You play as, a detective investigating a murder. A lot of the gameplay reminded me of the game Urbex and, Midnight shift. Not sure if this was inspired from Urbex or, if it was just a concidence. I had to double check and, make sure it wasn't the same developer and, it is indeed another developer who makes this game. Either way you still have a great game that is unique in this own way. I think this game you are a mannequin detective? The hand looks like a mannequin hand anyway not sure if intentional or, not in that regard too.

Thank you, yes Urbex was definitely a spark to what the game is.

Hope this game is finished soon. its pretty cool

I have a tip for the developer in UE4 go into the plugin section and disable steam vr plugin and occulus plugin otherwise if you have a headset plugged in it will try  to use it and tank your framerate.

Thank you, I just assumed its an unreal Appreciated.

Even if this game it's supposed to be scary I had a lot of fun!! Can't wait to have the chance to catch the killer! Nice Job!!

M is for Murder

this game was so freaky!! but at the same time amazing!! the mannequins in this game are probably the freakiest i have come across yet!! really awesome job on creating this!! :D

I really love this game, it's hard to keep a game scary when you allow the player weapons. It's executed really well however, I really enjoyed it... I will be looking out for the full game, especially after seeing characters in the trailer 

Fun and creepy experience! Also thanks for the code on the wall <3

Oh my gosh! There's been a MERDER!

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